Restaurant Exhaust Cleaning in Tampa, FL

If you own or run a restaurant, you know how dirty the kitchen area can get. Grease, oil, and dust can all accumulate, so you have to stay on top of cleaning jobs to keep the area safe and clean. The range hood is an area that can get especially dirty, and it’s also an area that is notoriously hard to clean. If you need restaurant hood cleaning in Tampa, FL, contact Clarke’s Steam Cleaning today.

Why Worry About the Hood?

The hood still seems to do its job and the fan still blows, so why should you be worried about a buildup of grease? The first reason you need to keep this area clean is that the debris that builds up there can be a fire hazard. If sparks or flames reach the hood and catch the gunk, the entire area could catch fire.

This fire hazard can be a liability to you. City and state laws may offer regulations concerning fire safety, so to comply with these rules, you need to keep your hood clean.

Finally, even if the fan is still blowing, if the hood is clogged with debris, your kitchen probably isn’t getting the airflow that it needs. To keep the area fresh and cool, you need restaurant exhaust cleaning services.

You can keep your workers and customers happy and safe with a clean exhaust system, and Clarke’s Steam Cleaning can get the job done for you.

Why Hire Us?

Clarke’s Steam Cleaning has been around for the last 14 years, and we’re totally dedicated to helping clean restaurant hoods. In fact, when you hire us for hood cleaning, you have the option to accept our free burner cleaning, free steam cleaning, free pressure washing, or free dumpster cleaning.

We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with our services. Call us at 321-746-2933.